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Codeman.org is a name to cover a multitude of ideas and developments that are carried out 'in house'.

Everything you will see featured at Codeman.org is and will always be 'self developed', from hardware to software, from testing to development , all in house.

I value my ability to discover problems and try to find solutions, even marketing some of the solutions to the problems I have encounted.

The latest idea is the 'TimeOut Controller' which has been developed using a self designed Controller box programmed with our code that works side by side with our TimeOut controller software, this gives you the ability to monitor and limit a set of programmed users by controlling the time they have to use a console in a specific day, thus giving them control of their own time, they can spend their time all at once or spread it out through the day, Just been developed is the ability to control the TimeOut Controller online and also the android app.

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More about Me

As a qualified Field Service Engineer my skills have grown and grown from electronic diagnosis to software development on numerous platforms to server/network implementation and diagnostics.

All the skills i have developed are harnessed into projects to develop and mature them so i am fluent in the skill i work on.

Mark Morton



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