TimeOut - The concept

TimeOut was born after constant bickering from 3 teenage boys about whos had how long and whos turn it is on the PS3, i wanted to manage how long they get to play on the console and make it fair on all 3 of them but make then able to control their own time.
From then on it has just got bigger and bigger and better and better and is now available for sale to the public.

The way it works!

The software has 2 types of accounts, administrators and users, the administrators can add users/change times allowed/give override priviledges/deactivate and reactivate accounts/use online control(if available) and much more.
Once a new user is added they can then login using the username and password supplied by the administrator, they can change their password, change their login picture or log onto the TimeOut console, once on the Console form a time can be entered to turn on the controlled consoles screen, from then on TimeOut has full control of how long a user has available to play on the console,Start times, Cutoff times and time available are all controlled by YOU, the administrator.

Login Screen

The Login screen is very informative, it gives you the following information:-
1.Update server status.
2.TimeOut controller status (software wont run if no controller is found).
3.Quick link to Email and Website.
4.Software version.
5.Database change link.
6.Database type

The Console

1.The time they have left for that day.
2.Override priviledges(if granted).
3.Time used this session.
4.Total time available.
5.Daily cutoff time.
6.Current time.
7.Amount of time they have currently chosen.
8.Time left for that session.

The user chooses a time from the time available ,the console will turn on immediately and their time will start to count down, if they get called away they can press 'PAUSE' to deactivate the TimeOut and stop their time..


TimeOut has a start/cuttoff time, for example , if the user tried opening the console before the 'start time' the software will fail and exit after a message box stating the start time, If the selected cutoff time is reached then the system will automatically deactivate no matter what time users have left unless in override mode, and everything in TimeOut is logged in a file to be accessed by the administrator.


This is the NEW TimeOut control box, Ive been hard at work tweeking this, My intention was to get the controller working from the USB voltage(5v) instead of the original idea of having a 12v adaptor connected, Finally i arrived at this, it has a very low powered set of components which makes it economical enough to work from USB only, saving the expense/anoyance of a cumbersome 12v adapter.Installed in a light easy to install and situate the TimeOut controller box wont look out of place behind your console.

Cables can be from Composite video to HDMI to network cables and so on , the manageability is endless.