1.8 inch Full Colour 128×160 SPI TFT Display ST7735S


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  • High Performance Display Module — Durable hard PCB board, 128X160 high resolution, this 8 inch TFT LCD display screen module will provide you good display effect with full color; support SPI interface
  • Adjustable Display Module — Horizontal or vertical screen can be adjusted; transparent protective film covered on the display protect it from damage
  • ST7735 Controller Chip — Equipped with ST7735 controller chip and support 3.3V power supply
  • Wide Viewing Angle — The display has high contrast, extremely wide viewing angle, provide you with better visual experience
  • No Backlight — No backlight needed, the display unit can emit light, thus , it’s ultra low power consumption

3 in stock

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ST7735S 3.3V Replace OLED Power Supply for Arduino

Product parameters:

Size :1.8 inches

Display mode: a-TFT

Display format: Graphics 128RGB * 160 point matrix Input data SPI interface driver IC ST7735S

Overall dimensions: 35 (W) * 56 (H) * 3.45 +/- 0.1 (T) mm

Resolution: 128RGB * 160 points

LCD active area: 28.03 (W) * 35.04 (H)

Pixel size: 0.219 (W) * 0.219 (H)

Operating temperature: -20 ~ 70°C2.

PIN description: PIN code symbol


1.GND ground

2. VCC power supply

3. 3V3 SCL serial clock pin.

4.SDA serial data input

5. RES LCM reset pin This pin is the reset signal input. When the pin is low voltage, chip initialization is performed. Keep this pin high during normal operation.

6. DC data/Command Control 7 CS chip Select 8 BLK backlight control pin

Packing list: 1 x 1.8 “TFT LCD SPI serial port module


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